Hi! I'm Erik Kok,

a Netherlands based photographer. What I see is what you get. Pure, honest and simple. As I see the world through my lens. During my cycling trips, through several continents, I pictured people in their own habitat and nature at its best (more info on Ligfietsvakantie.com). Cycling gives you time and opportunity to notice things that are around you. Things that you would not have noticed otherwise. Besides this I like to visit abandoned and forgotten places like old factories. These places take you back in time and you can still imagine and feel what it was like before people deserted the place and left it to be forgotten.
When I am not crossing borders I tend to explore my own country. Every season gives me a reason to go outside. Although the Netherlands is a very small country it has a variety of different landscapes. Within a quarter of an hour I can leave the densely populated area of Rotterdam behind me and ride through polders and National Parks on my motorbike and make pictures as I go along.

For more photos visit Flickr or 500px.

At the rim of the Grand Canyon.

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