Swiss Alpes

Jellyfish in Rotterdam Zoo

Conifer Cone Cirle - I found this amazingly decorated Bavarian Summer House dating from 1840 on the Isle of Arran in Scotland in the gardens of Brodick Castle.

Moro Rock, California
North Gate Bridge, located at Angkor Wat site, Cambodia
Angkor Wat Guards
In the south of Belgium are quite a few abandoned industrial sites. We visited one which wasn't completely abandoned, another part of the factory was still in use. This part was left as-is in 2008. Unfortunately the security caught us while moving to another building and we had to leave early...
Nicely managed nature in The Netherlands, still beautiful.
Finally she looks back at his hoaring... Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe, The Netherlands
Wall of Sound
Leak 801
Scottish Highlands
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